Hedge Fund-Style Investing in the Bitcoin Economy

Taking a hedge fund-style approach to achieving growth in the Bitcoin economy means that market inefficiencies and volatility don’t have to be pitfalls.

The value of Bitcoin businesses and of Bitcoin itself relative to fiat currencies is highly volatile, and Bitcoin financial markets, such as they are, appear to be relatively inefficient from an information theoretic standpoint. Inefficiency and volatility, together with rapid growth in the Bitcoin economy itself, provide significant opportunities for growth and creation of value.

Under the BTC Growth umbrella, Mulhauser Consulting offers a small number of private and strictly limited Bitcoin management services designed to capitalize on one or more of these growth opportunities.

The original BTC Growth fund, which operated in the style of a moderately diversified hedge fund with the goal of delivering capital growth denominated in Bitcoin, operated until October 2013. Our new family of three-month funds focusing on the value of Bitcoin versus fiat currencies kicked off with the Forex Volatility Focus fund in December 2013.

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